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How We Plan New Stations

Kansas City B-cycle is continually looking for opportunities to bring bike share to new locations and new neighborhoods. We consider a variety of factors when evaluating new locations. Some of the main criteria may include...


  • Is the station within close proximity to another station in one of our current service areas?

  • Or, is there enough demand to create a new service area with a cluster of multiple stations?

  • Does the location improve access to transportation or recreation for historically underserved communities?


  • Does the area have a dense mix of uses like housing, offices, retail, etc.?

  • Is there significant foot traffic?

  • Are there popular destinations for residents, employees, and visitors?

  • Is there a parking crunch or access issue that bike share can aid?


  • Are there on-street bike lanes and/or multi-use trails?

  • If not, are these types of bikeways planned?

  • Is there a transit center or frequent bus line with high ridership?

  • What is the current rate of bicycling in the surrounding census tract?

  • What are the speeds and traffic volumes of adjacent streets?

Site characteristics

  • Is the location on private property or in the public right of way?

  • Would the station impede pedestrian traffic or violate ADA regulations?

  • Is there sufficient space and level ground?

  • Is there clear southern exposure to allow for solar power? Or is there an electrical supply nearby?

  • What is the terrain and topography in the surrounding neighborhood


Bike share is a public/private/nonprofit partnership, and we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  B-stations require a significant capital investment and annual funds for ongoing operations and maintenance.

Funds for new stations can come from a variety of sources:

  • Corporate sponsorships

  • Government grants

  • Community Improvement Districts

  • Philanthropic donations

  • Foundation grants

  • TIF districts and other development incentives


How get a station near you

Now for the big question! If you want to suggest a location that you think would be great for a B-station, please email us at We can’t promise to put a station there, but we will certainly take a look!

If you represent a business, government agency, community improvement district, or other entity that can help us with funding a station, please contact Eric Rogers at


More about sponsorship opportunities
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