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Safe B-cycling in the Rain

You don't have to let a little rain stop you from riding a bike. With just a few safety tips and some common sense, you can ride safely in many types of weather!

B-cycles are already equipped with safety features like reflectors, automatic headlights and taillights. Plus, the fenders, mudflaps, chain guards and skirt guards help keep muck and grime off of your clothes.

Safety tips

Visibility is crucial - add to our built-in safety features with bright colored clothes and reflective jacket or vest.

Braking takes longer - wet brakes won't stop the bike as fast. Avoid sudden stops, and take a few minutes to get used to braking in wet weather.

Avoid metal surfaces like manhole covers, train tracks, and those pesky metal plates. These all become super slippery when wet.

Stay out of puddles - what lurks beneath could be a big pothole or worse!

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